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Materials for the voxeljet 3D printer


voxeljet offers following particlematerials for the 3D printers:

Particlematerial PMMA PMMA Silica Sand
Binder-type Polypor B* Polypor C Inorganic binder
Tensile strength 4,3 MPa 3,7 MPa 220-280 N/cm² (Bending strength)
Yield point 1% 1% <1% (Loss on ignition)
Burn-out temperature 700° 600° -
Especially suited for Design Model, Investment casting Investment casting, architectural models Coreprinting for sandcasting
Advantages sharp edges; for highest accuracy and true-to-detail white color; dyeing; burns out very well low emissions during casting; Environmentally friendly; no typical odour

*only avaiable in Europe


Particlematerial Modified acrylic glas, d50 = 55 µm Silica sand
Layer thickness 80 - 200µm; standard 150µm 200-300µm; standard 200µm
Resolution in x, y up to 600dpi up to 200 dpi
Accuracy 0,3% (min. +/- 100µm) 0,3% (min. +/- 300µm)



Features PLASTIC:

Features SAND:

- Can be used for prototypes, functional models or lost models
- Fast delivery within a few working days
- Precise layering of 80 / 120 / 150 µm
- Componets of any complexity
- Exonomical production in batch sizes of 1 as well as in series production
- Infiltration in any colour
- Waxinfiltated parts for perfect investment casting result
- 100% inorganic binder
- Good bending strength
- Castable with all alloys
- Pretty low emissions while casting
- Emissions are mainly water
- Low running costs
- Process operates at room temperature
- The sand mixture comes ready to use
KTC - 고객의 상상을 현실로 바꿔드립니다.